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As a motor cycle fanatic you know that nobody understands the true depth of  the words “freedom” better than you and your motor cycle buddies.  Therefore our Motor Cycling Rental Service went a little deeper than the average rental company on the Island of Ibiza. For us there’s only one type of bike that checks all boxes of critical needs and expectations…and that is…”the Harley Davidson Sportster” from comfort, to relaxation to power, roar and impression…nothing gets more “BAD TO THE BONE” than this baby!


Freedom To The Max On Ibiza?

Check Out Our Harley Davidson Sportster Rental Service Below And Discover The True Essence Of Freedom!


…Experience True Ibiza Freedom


Though the vibration would make us reluctant to choose it for long-distance rides, This 2 seater Harley Sportster 1200 Sport provides more punch around Ibiza town than other H-Ds and can provide hours of pleasure on Ibiza’s  winding roads. Its distinctive styling makes it a natural choice for Motor cycle riders who love the brand but don’t want a me-too Harley cruiser


The bike has a rugged, yet classic look with some thoroughly modern touches, like the two plug heads and the nifty sand-cast-look powder coating on the engine. where horsepower was an issue, led to a series of power-boosting enhancements. For ’98, some of that technology has been applied to the 1200 engine in the Sportster Sport. Take on the 2 seater Harley this summer beat traffic, stop looking for parking this summer and enjoy your holidays on the coolest means of travel anyone can think of.


…The Motor Cycle That Needs No Introduction…

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