Hi I’m Cleopatra Jones,

I founded Cleopatra Jones Ibiza because…

Born in Los Angeles, I moved to Europe to evolve and start my beautiful family. After a few years in Italy in Valencia, I found my way to the magical island of Ibiza, and the rest is history.


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I fell in love with the beauty, magic and fun of the island. I have raised my two daughters here and am deeply embedded in the local community.



In the USA and Valencia I spent 10 years managing tours and bands. So I am highly experienced at organising logistics in high-pressure environments and managing multiple complex needs simultaneously. I know how to find anything, anywhere, at any time. I’m known amongst friends as the magician… because I always seem to be able to “magic up” the exact thing we need.



Being a natural connector of people and both a native English, Italian, and Spanish speaker, I was able to cut through all of this and get things done smoothly and with no hassle.



My friends and colleagues who visited wanted to experience the beauty, magic and fun of the island without the hassle that is often encountered in trying to organise things in Ibiza – especially with language barriers and local politics.



Because of my connections on the island, I have access to parts of Ibiza that most visitors don’t even know exist. As friends and colleagues came to visit, they would frequently remark that they felt they were experiencing the “real ibiza” for the first time. Even those who had been visiting the island for many years remarked that they saw a new side to it with me.



After many years of sharing the island with friends and colleagues, and with word spreading, more and more people coming to me to organise their Ibiza experience in 2018.



I’m here for all your needs and I can’t wait to meet you.!

Cleopatra Jones



I decided to share this gift with the world and founded Cleopatra Jones Ibiza. A full spectrum concierge service which allows visitors to experience all the beauty, magic, and fun of the island, with none of the hassle.

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